IaqCOMAccessDebugInfoManager Object

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022


The IaqCOMAccessDebugInfoManager object provides access to the debug information storage of the currently opened project. The object contains properties that let you obtain information about modules included into the project. You can then use properties of “module” objects to enumerate units, classes, routines, and elements included in a module. You can find an example of using the object’s properties in the Managing Profiling Areas via COM topic.

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Members(in alphabetical order) Description
Module(Index) Property. Read-only. Returns an IaqCOMAccessDbgModule object that corresponds to a module included into the current AQTime project. The Index parameter specifies the index of the module in the project. The index is zero-based. The total number of modules in the project is specified by the ModuleCount property.
ModuleCount Property. Read-only. Integer. Specifies the number of modules that the currently opened AQTime project contains.


For information on using the IaqCOMAccessDebugInfoManager objects, see Managing Profiling Areas via COM.

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