Structure of XML Results

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This topic describes the structure of results exported into XML files. This may be necessary if you want to process these files to meet your specific needs.

When exporting results into an XML file, AQTime creates two files:

File Description
<FileName>.xml This file holds profiling results as well as information on their structure.
<FileName>.xsl This file defines the rules for displaying information from the .xml file.

The .xml file stores data in a tree-like structure:

  • (level 0) <AQTime_Results> - The section of the topmost level. It holds all other sections.
    • (level 1) <HEADERS> - This section holds information about the results structure. It holds one or several TABLE_HEADER sections.
      • (level 2) <TABLE_HEADER NAME="table_name" ID="nn"> - For each AQTime data table (Report, Parents, Children, ...) there is a relating section. They hold information about columns in the Report and Details panels. table_name specifies the data table. nn serves as the table id.
        • (level 3) <TABLE_FIELD TYPE="type">field_name</TABLE_FIELD> - These tags hold information about the table fields. field_name is the name of the field as it is displayed in AQTime panels. type specifies the field type (string, integer, float, and so forth).
      • (level 2) </TABLE_HEADER>
    • (level 1) </HEADERS>
    • (level 1) <RESULTS> - This section holds profiling results.
      • (level 2) <DATA TABLE_ID="nn"> - This section holds data from the data table with id nn. The DATA sections that are subsections of RESULTS, hold results displayed in the Report panel. 
        • (level 3) <ROWS> - This tag holds data from a single row of the table.
          • (level 4) <FIELD ID="mm">value</FIELD> - This tag holds data stored in the table columns. value specifies the column value. Boolean values are stored as 0 (False) and 1 (True). Note that fields go in the same order as in which they were listed in the TABLE_HEADER section.
        • (level 3) </ROWS>
        • (level 3) <CHILDREN> - AQTime's Report panel serves as the main result display. Other AQTime panels display additional results for the routine or class that is selected in the Report panel. The CHILDREN section holds addition results.
          • (level 4) <DATA TABLE_ID="nn"> - This section holds data from the table with id nn. For example, this can be data displayed in the Parents, Children and Lines tables in AQTime. These DATA sections hold the same tags as the DATA sections of the 2nd level.
          • (level 4) </DATA>
        • (level 3) </CHILDREN>
      • (level 2) </DATA>
    • (level 1) </RESULTS>
  • (level 0) </AQTime_Results>

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