Print Preview - Report Designer Dialog

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

Using this dialog, you can customize the appearance of the result table to be printed. To call the dialog, select Design from the Standard toolbar, from the File menu or from the context menu of the Print Preview form.

The Report Designer has several tabbed pages:

  • Options
    This page specifies which grid elements (bands, headers, footers, and so on) you wish to print. Use the Draw Mode dropdown list to specify the manner in which AQTime will draw the report:

    Value Description
    Strict AQTime uses colors defined on the Colors page for all nodes.
    Odd/Even Row Mode AQTime draws odd and even nodes with different colors and fonts using settings from the Colors and Fonts pages.
    Borrow From Source AQTime draws the report grid using colors and fonts specified for columns in the panel for which the report is made.
  • Colors and Fonts
    Specify color and font settings used to draw grid elements of the report.

  • Behaviors
    This page allows you to tune specific report options:

    Report Option Description
    On Every Page options Specify whether AQTime will repeat bands, headers or footers on each page of the report.
    Only Selected If this option is active, AQTime prints only the selected records. Else, it prints all records. Note that if Extended Select is not checked and the grouping node is selected, AQTime prints all "child" nodes of the grouping node (including non-selected children).
    Extended Select This option is enabled when Only Selected is active. When it is off, AQTime prints all "child" nodes of the selected grouping nodes. Else, it prints the selected nodes exactly.
    Auto Nodes Expand If this option is active, AQTime prints all nodes (including collapsed nodes).
    3D Effects options Specify whether the report will have the 3D appearance and specify its style.
    Transparent Column Graphics Specifies whether graphic columns are printed with a transparent effect.
    Display Graphic As Text If this option is active, the word "(Graphic)" is printed instead of an image.

The Title Properties button opens the Report Title dialog.

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