Profiling ASP.NET Applications

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime allows you to profile ASP.NET applications created with various supported .NET compilers. The topics of this section explain in detail how you can profile such applications:

Profiling ASP.NET Applications - Overview

Provides an overview of profiling ASP.NET applications with AQTime.

Profiling ASP.NET Applications via ASP.NET Development Server

Describes how to profile ASP.NET applications or services using the ASP.NET Development Server.

Profiling ASP.NET Applications via Internet Information Services

Explains how to profile ASP.NET applications or services using Internet Information Services (IIS).
Related Topics of Interest

Compiler Settings for ASP.NET

Explains how to compile ASP.NET applications with debug information and prepare them for profiling with AQTime.

Profiling Applications With AQTime

Describes the general procedure of profiling applications with AQTime.

Profilers Reference

Describes the profilers included in AQTime.

Profiling .NET Applications

Explains how to profile .NET applications.

Profiling Dynamic Link Libraries

Explains how to profile .NET assemblies.

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