Profiling ASP.NET and IIS Applications: ASP.NET or IIS is Running Under a User Account

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

If either IIS or the ASP.NET process is running under a user account, before profiling your application, you should assign specific permissions to this user to allow them to profile ASP.NET applications:

  • Open the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy window.

  • Select Local Policies > User Rights Assignment from the tree view on the left side of the dialog.

  • Ensure that the user name is added to the following lists of security settings:

    • Act as part of the operating system
    • Log on as a service
    • Generate security audits
    • Replace a process level token
  • After the above settings are selected, restart your computer.

Once you have set the permissions, you can profile your application as it is described in Profiling ASP.NET Applications and Profiling IIS Applications.

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