Using AQTime in Virtual Private Networks

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime Floating User licenses can be used in Virtual Private Networks (VPN). VPN means that computers work with each other as they are included in the same local network.

However, you may need to modify the search settings on AQTime workstations. By default, AQTime’s licensing subsystem searches for the License Manager using broadcast messages. Depending on the VPN configuration, these messages may not function in virtual private networks. In this case, you can modify the search settings on AQTime workstations and specify the License Manager computer, to which AQTime should connect:

  1. On your AQTime workstation, open the URL http://localhost:1947. This will open the Sentinel Admin Control Center.

  2. Select Configuration from the menu on the right. This will open the configuration pages.

  3. Switch to the Access to Remote License Managers page.

  4. In the Specify Search Parameters box of this page specify the name or IP address of the License Manager PC. You should enter the same address that you use to connect to this PC in VPN.

  5. Click Submit to apply the changes.

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