Sharing License Among Several Offices

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

You can use AQTime Floating User licenses inside wide-area networks (see Using AQTime in WAN). This gives you the ability to share one AQTime license among different offices of your company.

By default, the search settings, which AQTime uses to find the License Manager, work only in local networks. So, if you are going to share the license, you may need to modify the search settings or organize a virtual private network. See Using AQTime in WAN.

Before you decide to share a license, please think of how the license will be used. If you decide to share the license among different offices of your company, the License Manager PC will reside in one of the offices, and computers from the other offices will connect to this PC to check for the license. This makes the other offices dependent on the office where the License Manager PC resides. This scheme may be inconvenient in some cases. For example, it may be inconvenient if the offices reside in different countries worldwide.

Sharing a license makes sense if one of the offices uses AQTime frequently and others use it from time to time. If several of your offices use AQTime heavily, we recommend purchasing individual licenses for each of the offices.

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