Installing AQTime in Large Organizations

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This topic covers aspects of installing and activating AQTime in large organizations.

Which License Type to Choose

If you are going to buy several AQTime licenses that will work concurrently, we suggest that you buy a Floating User license for the desired number of users rather than the same number of Name User licenses. Say, if you want to buy 10 copies of AQTime, we would recommend they you purchase the Floating User license for 10 users rather than 10 Node-Locked licenses, because in this case it would be easier for you to activate the licenses and also lets you use them on virtual machines.

If you have a Floating User license, you will need to install the License Manager and activate the license on one computer only. No activation actions are needed on other computers (except for providing network access to the license manager).

If you buy 10 Node-Locked licenses, you will have to activate each of these licenses on each computer.

Upgrading Licenses

When using Floating User licenses, pay attention to how the licenses are upgraded. If you have an AQTime 8 Pro license, you can purchase more instances as new licenses or as an upgrade of the existing license. We recommend that you use the upgrade. See Upgrading Existing AQTime Pro Licenses for details.

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