AQTime Toolbar (Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio)

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The AQTime toolbar provides commands that allow you to work with the current AQTime project. The available commands are:

  • Profiling mode - Allows you to specify the type of the profiled executable. The following types are available:

    • Normal - The profiled executable is a regular managed or unmanaged executable or library.
    • COM Server - The profiled executable is a COM application.
    • ASP.NET - The profiled executable is an ASP.NET application or a .NET Web service.
    • Service - The profiled executable is a Windows service.
    • IIS - The profiled executable is an IIS application or Web service created with an unmanaged compiler.
  • Attach - Attaches AQTime to the specified application that has already been launched. To learn more, see Attaching to Process.

  • Run - Starts profiling the currently selected module.

  • Profilers - Contains a list of AQTime profilers. To open the list, click the arrow on the right of the profiler name. To learn more about AQTime profilers, see AQTime Profilers.

  • Terminate - Terminates the application under the test and stops profiling without generating profiling results.

  • Enable/Disable Profiling - Allows enabling or disabling the profiling feature.

  • Force Garbage Collection - Initiates garbage collection during the profiling process.

  • Get Results - Allows you to obtain profiling results during the run.

  • Clear Results - Allows you to clear the generated results during profiling.

  • Result View - Allows specifying settings for viewing profiling results.

  • Select Panel - Allows you to select the desired AQTime panel. Click the down arrow button to open the list of available panels.

  • Panel List - Calls the Select Panel dialog where you can activate AQTime panels.

  • Toggle Panels - Allows you to toggle AQTime panels.

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