AQTime Profiling Modes Toolbar (Integration with Embarcadero RAD Studio)

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The AQTime Profiling Modes toolbar contains buttons that allow you to specify the profiling mode in which AQTime will work depending on the type of the application you are going to profile. You select the needed profiling mode by pressing the appropriate button on the toolbar. The selected button stays pressed until you select another profiling mode by pressing the corresponding button. The available toolbar commands (and AQTime profiling modes) are:

Normal - This is AQTime’s default mode, which is used to profile ordinary managed and unmanaged executables and libraries.

COM Server - This mode is used to profile COM servers of any type (in-process, out-of-process, DCOM, COM+ or MTS).

ASP.NET - This mode is used to profile ASP.NET applications and .NET Web services.

Service - This mode is used to profile Windows services. Note that you cannot profile ASP.NET services in this mode.

IIS - This mode is used to profile IIS applications and Web services created with unmanaged compilers.

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