Last modified on May 22, 2024
Note: To use this guide, you need to know how to use AlertSite DéjàClick transaction recording tool. If you do not have the DéjàClick toolbar in your Firefox browser, go to the DéjàClick Downloads page to download the DéjàClick add-on and additional modules (TrueScreen and ImageMagick). If you have never used DéjàClick before, please go to the DéjàClick Quick Start Guide. After you have become comfortable with recording DéjàClick transactions, you will be able to move on to this more advanced feature.


ScriptShare helps DéjàClick users share their recorded scripts so that they are easily accessible by others from any location. This facilitates the ability of users (AlertSite customers or not) to share their scripts with a select group of recipients who can automatically download and replay them without having to go through a series of manual steps.

Script sharing is an efficient way to communicate and collaborate. If an online interaction falls through, or something appears amiss with a Web page, or you simply need to describe an online event, you do not need rely on mere words. With transaction sharing, you can show, not tell.

One-Click Sharing

DéjàClick ScriptShare requires non-AlertSite customers to register for a free account. AlertSite customers can use their AlertSite account credentials to log in to ScriptShare.

To register for a free account:

  • Click Remotely Monitor on the DéjàClick toolbar and select AlertSite Login to display the DéjàClick login dialog.

    Login dialog
  • Click on the Sign up for a free account link to get the Registration page and enter a display name, email address, and password.

    Registration page

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • You can also sign up directly on the ScriptShare web site.

  • When you receive the account activation email, click the link provided to confirm registration.

The Share Recording item in the Remote Services drop-down menu on the DéjàClick toolbar enables you to share scripts. It is activated when you power on DéjàClick. You must be logged in to share scripts.

Remotely Monitor drop-down menu
  • Record a script or select a previously recorded script accessed from the DéjàClick toolbar by clicking Open recording (AlertSite account holders can also download a script from their console).

  • Click Share Recording

  • If you are not currently logged in, the Login dialog will be presented to you.

  • The current script is automatically uploaded to your repository.

  • Enter a name and optionally a description and a list of email addresses to share the script with.

Note: If there is no script currently loaded in DéjàClick, you will be redirected to your private repository to select a script to share and add email addresses to the recipient list.
Scripts repository

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All the recipients of the shared script will receive an email with the Shared Script URL. When the recipient accesses the shared script URL, the script is automatically downloaded and replayed on their machine without any manual intervention (other than the encryption key for encrypted scripts - more on this in Upload and Download below).

Note: The recipient does not need an account to be able to download or replay the script, but DéjàClick must be installed on their Firefox browser for replay. If the recipient does not have DéjàClick or is not using the Firefox browser, the shared script URL will redirect to a special page with instructions for installing DéjàClick and Firefox. After their system is configured with Firefox and DéjàClick, accessing the shared script URL will automatically replay the shared script.

Scripts Repository

Scripts are uploaded and stored in your private Scripts Repository accessible only to you as a registered user. Scripts stored in Scripts Repository must have a Name and, optionally, a Description.

The Script Repository is accessed from the Remote Services drop-down menu of the DéjàClick toolbar.

Drop-down menu

From the repository, you can log in to play, load, edit, and delete your scripts. You can also access your scripts directly from the ScriptShare Web Site.

There are links to view, add, and delete email addresses from the recipients list as well. Click on the status (yes or no) under the shared column.

Repositorywith no loaded script

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This will expand the details of the stored script.

Repository with 2 scripts

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Click (add shares) to enter more recipient email addresses to the list.

Add share

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To delete a recipient, hover on the recipient's name and mouse-over the ×, then click the Orange X that appears.

Hover to see x.

Click the image to enlarge it.


Click the image to enlarge it.

Upload Scripts to Repository

After you have recorded a script with DéjàClick or have selected a saved recording from the DéjàClick toolbar Open recording list, you can upload the script to the Script Repository from the Remote Services toolbar menu. The Upload Recording item displays a dialog with the Service Type Script Repository.

Script Repository
Service Type

Choose this option for remote storage of scripts. The Script Repository service type is the default service type for free account users. Free account users cannot access the paid service types (Business Transaction Monitor, On-Demand Load Test), which are grayed out in the dropdown since they are available only to AlertSite customers. The Upload Recording dialog can also be used to replace existing scripts.

Upload complete

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Note: Shared scripts may have size restrictions, sharing limits, and expiration dates, depending on whether the user is an AlertSite customer or a free account holder.

Encrypted Scripts

If there are any sensitive fields, such as passwords, in the script, you will be prompted with a dialog asking if the script is to be encrypted before upload. You can then choose remote encryption to encrypt sensitive data with an encryption key.

Remote encryption
Encryption password

The uploaded script will appear in the Scripts Repository list with the lock_icon.png icon. Recipients of the shared script will need to know the encryption key to replay the script.

Uploaded encrypted script

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Download Scripts from Repository

You can download scripts from your remote repository with the Download Recording entry on the Remote Services toolbar menu. The Download Recording dialog contains the Service Type Script Repository.

Download script for sharing

The names of all your scripts are listed in this dialog. Selecting a name from the list displays the description, if any. You will need to enter the encryption key in order to download encrypted scripts.

ScriptShare Web Site

You can navigate directly to register for a free account or to access your repository without using DéjàClick.

DéjàClick script sharing

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After logging in, access your scripts to play, load, edit or delete, or modify the shared script recipient list for any of your stored scripts.

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