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Applies to Zephyr Squad Server 6.2 and 4.8, last modified on March 07, 2022
Please note that Zephyr Squad does not support the functionality to restore test cycle and execution details for tests issues when moved between projects. This includes test issues that are moved from one project to another using the 'Move Issues' function in Jira.

You need to have the "Create Issue" permission in the relevant project to be able to create a test. If you do not have this permission, please contact your Jira administrator.

Create a new test

  1. Do one of the following to open the Create Issue dialog:
    • Keyboard shortcut: c.

    • At the top right corner of the screen, click the Create Issue link.

    • While browsing a project, you can click on the test icon.

  2. In the displayed Create Issue dialog, enter the details for the test.

  3. Optional: If you want to create a series of test with similar details, you can select the Create another check box.

  4. Click the Create button to create the test.

  5. Users can directly input test step, test data, and expected results field values at this screen.

Create Issue dialog

Click the image to enlarge it.

Only the Fix Version/s field is used for tests. All tests that have a Fix Version populated will be organized accordingly. If that field is left blank, then they will belong to an "Unscheduled" version. See Organize Tests for more details.

Create a new test issue from another issue type

For a supported issue type, select the More drop-down and then select Create Zephyr Test.

More drop-down

Tests created this way will automatically be linked back to the issue they were created from.

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