User Permissions

Applies to Zephyr Squad Cloud, last modified on September 21, 2023

zephyr-squad-cloud uses the same users and user groups that are set up in your Jira instance. User permissions are inherited from the Jira permission scheme configured for a project.

To learn how to configure user permissions in Jira, refer to Jira documentation:

Jira permissions required for Zephyr operation


The Browse Project permission is always required to access the Zephyr application within a specific Jira project.

Zephyr permission Required Jira permissions
Configure Zephyr issue type, custom fields, and so on Administer Jira
Access the Zephyr application within a project Browse Project
Disable or enable BDD for a project Administer Project
View Zephyr Actions, Test Details, and Executions in the new Jira issue view

Edit Issues

Note: This applies to the new Jira issue view only and does not apply to old issue view. To lean how to switch between the old and new issues views, see Jira documentation.

View and search tests Browse Project
Create and import tests Create Issues, Edit Issues, Link Issues
Create BDD features and scenarios Create Issues, Edit Issues, Link Issues
Edit Tests Edit Issues
Copy test steps to another test Edit Issues
Assign tests to a user Edit Issues
Delete Tests Delete Issues
Test Cycles
View Cycle Summary Browse Project
Create test cycles Browse Project
Add tests to cycles Create Issues
Edit or move test cycles Edit Issues
Export test cycles Edit Issues
Delete test cycles Edit Issues
Test Folders
Create, edit, delete folders Browse Project
Add tests to folders Create Issue
Edit folders Edit Issues
Delete folders Edit Issues
Test Executions
View test executions Browse Project
Assign text executions to a user Edit Issue
Execute tests Create Issues, Edit Issues
Copy or move test executions to a cycle Create Issues, Edit Issues
Link defects to test executions Create Issues (to link to a new defect), Edit Issues (to link to an existing defect), Link Issues
Delete test executions Edit Issues
Manage execution filters Browse Project
Test Automation (A.T.O.M)
Enable or disable A.T.O.M for a project Administer Project
Create automation tasks Browse Project
Edit automation tasks Browse Project
Execute automation tasks Create Issues, Edit Issues, Create Attachments
Delete automation tasks Browse Project
View Test Summary Browse Project
View Test Metrics Browse Project
View Traceability Matrix Browse Project
Custom Fields
Create custom fields Administer Jira
Enable custom fields per project Administer Project
Add comments Edit Issues
Add attachments to test steps and test executions Edit Issues, Create Attachments

Clear permission cache

Zephyr Squad caches Jira user permissions to improve performance. As a result, when you change Jira permissions, it might take some time (up to an hour) before the changes are reflected in Zephyr Squad.

You can clear Zephyr permissions cache to force load the new permissions:

  1. Log in to Jira as an administrator.

  2. Go to  > System.

  3. Select the Zephyr General Configuration category on the left.

  4. Click Clear Permission Cache.

Clearing Permission Cache

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