General Configuration

Applies to Zephyr Squad Cloud, last modified on September 21, 2023

The general configuration options of Zephyr Squad Cloud apply to the entire Zephyr Squad application across all projects in your Jira Cloud instance.

Access Zephyr Squad General Configuration

As a Jira Administrator, do the following:

  1. Go to  > Apps.

  2. Select the General Configuration category on the left:

    General Configuration

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Links Configuration

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Links between Tests and other issue types can be enabled or disabled from here. You can also establish a remote link between a test execution and an issue. By default these are turned on.

Link Types can be also be selected from here and applied to all existing links between Tests and Defects. Different link types can be set up in Jira's configuration and they can be selected from the drop-down menu here. By default, Relates, Blocks, Cloners and Duplicates are available.

Please do not change the name of the Relates link type. You can change the Outward and Inward descriptions, but the link type name must be unchanged. Otherwise, when you create a Zephyr test from a Jira issue, no link between the Jira issue and the Zephyr test will be created. To make sure the link type name is Relates, navigate to > Issues > Issue linking:

Relates Link Type

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Ever so often Zephyr Squad’ indexes (alongside Jira's indexes that apply to tests) need to be regenerated. Click the Re-Index button if you are not seeing some of your information being updated. This might take some time based on the amount of data you have and users will not be able to use the system during that period. You can selectively re-index just the projects or test executions.

Regenerated Jira indexes

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Backup and restore

Zephyr Squad’ testing related data can be backed up and restore at a different time. Enter a file name, click the Backup button and a backup file is created which you can then download and save. Similarly, select one of your backed-up files to restore. Please note that restoring a previous backup will overwrite existing data.

Backed up and restore data

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Please refer to Restore Caveats before performing backup & restore operation

API keys

All the generated API keys can be removed at once by selecting this option. Please be careful before using this feature as the exact keys cannot be regenerated. This is a useful option if you believe your keys have been compromised or if you have moved (restored) data from one instance to another.

Removing API keys

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Clear permission cache

User permissions in Zephyr Squad are inherited from your Jira permission scheme. To improve performance, Zephyr Squad caches information about Jira user permissions. As a result, when you change Jira user permissions, it might take some time (up to an hour) before the changes are reflected in Zephyr Squad.

You can clear the permission cache to force Zephyr Squad to reload information about user permissions.

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