2021 Changes

Applies to Zephyr Scale Cloud, last modified on March 22, 2021.

Check out what’s new for Zephyr Scale Cloud in 2021. Here are the changes we document:

New Features - Brand new functionality to help you improve your testing efforts.

Updates - Changes we’ve made, large and small, that we want you to be aware of.

Bug Fixes - Issues we’ve resolved to make Zephyr Scale work as designed.

January 13, 2021


  • Since we haven't noticed significant use of the issue glance, the glance has been deactivated. 
  • The REST API now supports retrieving test executions by KEY not only by ID.
  • Performance improvements on reports filtered by test plan key.

New Features

We now support all Cucumber statuses. They will map automatically to an existing status or show as "Blocked" if a matching custom status doesn't exist.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a concurrency issue when saving custom fields in test executions.
  • We've fixed a bug where the API was responding with an incorrect error code when the authentication wasn't valid.
  • We've fixed a bug that was creating an erroneous change history record when creating test case via the REST API.
  • We've fixed a bug that was preventing different versions to be selected when adding existing test cases to test cycles.
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