Our Roadmap

Applies to Zephyr Scale Cloud, last modified on November 20, 2020.

Visibility of our roadmap

On the Zephyr Scale team, we work in an agile way, constantly reviewing and learning from the work we do and the changes we make.

We like to give our users visibility of the improvements and bugs for the app, though we don’t make our release dates available as we often adjust and change to ensure quality is met.

You can find our ideas portals at the links below:

Feature requests/ideas

We love to hear what our customers have to say about Zephyr Scale, especially improvements that can make the app work better for you. That’s why we’ve set up a public area to collect these ideas and share our own with our customers.

You can access our Ideas Portal via the links above. Feel free to review the existing ideas, either suggested by other customers or our team members, and vote or comment with your own feedback. You can also create a new idea.

Our product manager conducts a regular review of the ideas in the portal to gain insight into what customers are looking for. Ideas are assessed based on several factors:

  • How many customers are interested in this idea (votes/linked requests/sales discussions)?
  • Does this align with our near-term roadmap?
  • Does this align with our vision for the app moving forward?
  • Does this match what we see from our in-app analytics?

Once you’ve created a new idea, the status will be set to Reviewing. Once we’ve taken a look at it, we’ll move it to another status.

Our ideas workflow

  1. Reviewing – we’re investigating the feasibility of this feature (does it meet the factors above?) and will move it to another status depending on this.
  2. Gathering interest – we’re waiting for this idea to get some traction from other users. Once it does, we’ll review this with the team.
  3. Not being considered – this idea didn’t align with what we’re working on, so we’ll revisit it another time to review.
  4. Future consideration – we’ve boosted this up as a potential for our future roadmap.
  5. Planned – the team is either working on this currently, or planning it for the near future.
  6. Shipped – this idea has become a reality! It’s available. (You’ll need to upgrade to the latest version if you’re using our Server or Data Center app.)

Release notes

You can see what we’ve released at any time by visiting the links below:

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