Deactivating VirtServer Fixed License

Applies to VirtServer 3.12.1, last modified on August 11, 2022

You deactivate a VirtServer license from a command-line window. Follow the steps described below.


  • To deactivate a VirtServer license, you need a functioning Internet connection.

  • The firewalls and proxies in your network should allow access to the SmartBear license server ( through port 443.

    If you use proxy

Deactivation Steps

  1. Shut down VirtServer.

  2. Open the command-line window and go to the <VirtServer>\bin directory.

  3. Run the following command:

    • Windows:

      VirtServer.bat --deactivatelicense
    • Linux or Mac: --deactivatelicense
  4. Press ENTER. The license will be deactivated.

A shorter alternative to the --deactivatelicense argument is -x.

In Case of an Error

In case of an error, you will see a message explaining the problem.
If you are unable to solve the problem, contact our Support Team. We will be glad to help you.

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