Activating VirtServer Fixed License

Applies to VirtServer 3.12.1, last modified on June 17, 2022

VirtServer is a tool for running your virtual services on remote machines. VirtServer needs a separate license that is activated on the machine where it is installed.

This topic explains how to activate a VirtServer license.


  • To activate a license, you need a functioning Internet connection.

  • Your network security settings should allow access to the SmartBear license server ( through port 443.

    If you use proxy

Activation Steps

The activation includes two steps:

1. Installing the license file

  1. Run VirtServer. It will display a command-line window with run information.

  2. If VirtServer fails to find a license when starting, it will ask you to activate the license:

    Activate license prompt

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  3. Enter the fully-qualified name of the license file and press ENTER. The license file will be installed:

    Specifying license file location

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    Note: You can find the license file in the email message that you received from SmartBear after requesting a ReadyAPI VirtServer license.

    You can specify the .zip file name. There is no need to unpack the zip archive.

After installing the license, you need to activate it. See below.

2. Activating the license

  1. After you enter the file name, VirtServer will ask you whether you want to activate the license:

    License activation request

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    Type Y and press ENTER.

  2. Now, specify the user information (the name, email and so on):

    Specifying user information

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    Type your information as requested. Press ENTER to move to the next item. The "title" label on the image above is the first field where you enter data.

    Note: Specify the data of the user who will work with the product, not the user who purchased the license.
    User information entered

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  3. VirtServer will send the information you specified to the SmartBear license server and activate the license:

    License activation is over

    Click the image to enlarge it.

In Case of an Error

  • In case of an error, you will see a message explaining the problem.
    If you are unable to solve the problem, contact our Support Team. We will be glad to help you.

  • One of the issues that may occur during the VirtServer license activation is the "Connection time out" error. Typically, it happens when the VirtServer computer is not connected to the SmartBear licensing server (see above). In this case, you have to resort to offline activation by using the license manager command-line application.

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