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External Integrations > Bitbucket Integration > Configuring Bitbucket Integration

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3. Configuring User Remote Accounts

In order to assign Bitbucket reviews to the appropriate person, we need to link the owner of Bitbucket repository with some of Collaborator user accounts. If Collaborator fails to match the Bitbucket repository owner with any of Collaborator users, then it will not create any reviews from Bitbucket.

If the name of a Collaborator user account coincides with the name of a Bitbucket user account, then integration will link these two accounts automatically.

If the name of a Collaborator user account differs from the name of a Bitbucket user account, then this user must specify their Bitbucket account name in Collaborator's User Preferences > Remote Accounts. To do this:

1. Open the Collaborator login page in a browser, and log in to Collaborator.
2. In Collaborator, go to Settings.
3. Switch to Remote Accounts section.
4. Enter the name of Bitbucket repository owner into the Bitbucket Username field and press Save.

Now Bitbucket integration is fully configured.

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