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Compare Excel files

Supported version: Microsoft Office Excel 2003

The script below demonstrates how to compare two Excel files. The comparison algorithm is implemented in the ExcelSheetCompare script extension that you can download below. To learn how to install the script extension, read the "Installing and Uninstalling Script Extensions" article.

VBScriptCopy Code

Sub Main
  Dim oExcel, aSheets, vSheet, fileName, aInfo1, aInfo2 
  Set oExcel = Sys.OleObject("Excel.Application")
  Set aSheets = Sys.OleObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
  'You can specify the sheet to be compared 
  'vSheet = "Sheet1"
  'Call aSheets.Add(vSheet, vSheet) 
  fileName = "<Path_To_The_File1>"
  Set aInfo1 = ExcelObj.CreateInfo(oExcel, fileName, aSheets)
  fileName = "<Path_To_The_File2>"
  Set aInfo2 = ExcelObj.CreateInfo(oExcel, fileName, aSheets)
  oResult = ExcelObj.Compare(aInfo1, aInfo2)
  If Len(oResult) > 0 Then
    Log.Warning oResult
    Log.Message "The files are the same."  
  End If
End Sub

JScriptCopy Code

function Main()
  var oExcel = Sys.OleObject("Excel.Application");
  var aSheets = Sys.OleObject("Scripting.Dictionary");
  //You can specify the sheet to be compared
  //var vSheet = "Sheet1";
  //aSheets.Add(vSheet, vSheet); 
  var fileName = "<Path_To_The_File1>";
  var aInfo1 = ExcelObj.CreateInfo(oExcel, fileName, aSheets);
  var fileName = "<Path_To_The_File2>";
  var aInfo2 = ExcelObj.CreateInfo(oExcel, fileName, aSheets);
  var oResult = ExcelObj.Compare(aInfo1, aInfo2);
  if (oResult.length > 0)
    Log.Message("The files are the same.");  

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