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Q.: AQtime does not generate any results when I profile script code. Why?

A.: This may happen by different reasons:

  • First, check the profiler you use. Script profiling is supported by the Performance, Coverage, Light Coverage and Function Trace profilers only.

  • Check whether the tested application uses Microsoft Scripting Engine, since AQtime can only profile those scripts that are executed by this engine.

  • If you profile with the “Attach-to-Process” feature, change the approach and try launching the host application from AQtime (you can specify the host application for your script units in the Run | Run Parameters dialog).

  • Make certain that Microsoft Script Debugger is installed on your computer. Note that there are several versions of the debugger and AQtime may fail supporting some of them. For instance, there is a known problem with script debugger installed by Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Currently, AQtime cannot use for script profiling Visual Studio’ installation program replaces some debugger modules and after this AQtime stops working with the debugger properly. To avoid the problem, re-install Microsoft Script Debugger after installing Visual Studio 2008.

    To be sure you have the correct version of the debugger, follow these steps:

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