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User Forms Components

TcxListBox Object

The TcxListBox component provides a scrollable list of items that the user can select or deselect.

The Items property holds a list of items displayed in the list box. To automatically sort the items, set the Sorted property to True. The Columns property lets you organize list box items into several columns.

The MultiSelect property specifies whether the list box allows a user to select a single item or multiple items. The ExtendedSelect property specifies the selection mode if multiple selection is enabled. To enable the incremental search feature (selecting an item by typing the item’s caption), set the AutoComplete property to True.

To select and unselect items in the list box, use the ItemIndex and Selected properties.

The TcxListBox component also provides a number of events that you can process in your scripts.

TcxListBox Properties

TcxListBox Properties TcxListBox Properties
Name Description
Align Specifies how the component is aligned within its parent.
Anchors Specifies how the component is anchored to its parent.
AutoComplete Specifies whether the incremental search feature for the component is enabled.
AutoCompleteDelay Specifies the time interval for the incremental search.
BiDiMode Specifies the bi-directional mode for the component.
ChildControl Returns the child component specified by its index.
ChildControlByName Returns the child component by its name.
ChildControlCount Returns the child component specified by its index.
ClientHeight Returns the height of the component’s client area.
ClientWidth Returns the width of the component’s client area.
Columns Specifies the number of columns displayed within the component.
Constraints Specifies the component’s size constraints.
Cursor Specifies the cursor’s image when it is situated over the component.
Enabled Specifies whether the component is enabled.
ExtendedSelect Specifies whether the component allows the range selection by Shift-click.
Height Specifies the component’s height.
Hint Specifies the text displayed when the cursor stays over the component.
ImeMode Specifies the input method editor (IME) mode.
ImeName Specifies the name of the input method editor (IME) used.
IntegralHeight Specifies whether the component can display partial items.
ItemHeight Returns the height of the component’s items.
ItemIndex Specifies the index of the currently selected list box item.
Items Returns the TStrings which contains the list of strings displayed by the component.
Left Specifies the horizontal coordinate of the component’s left edge.
MultiSelect Specifies whether multiple items can be selected in the component.
Name Specifies the component’s name.
ParentBiDiMode Specifies whether the component uses its parent’s BiDiMode property value.
ParentColor Specifies whether the component uses the same background color as its parent.
ParentFont Specifies whether the component uses the same font as its parent.
ParentShowHint Specifies whether the component uses the parent’s ShowHint property value instead of its own one.
Property Obtains or sets the value of the property specified by its index.
PropertyByName Obtains or sets the value of the property with the specified name.
PropertyCount Returns the number of component’s properties.
PropertyName Returns the property name by index.
ReadOnly Specifies whether the component is read-only.
ScrollWidth Specifies the width by which the component’s horizontal scrollbar can scroll.
SelCount Returns the number of selected items in a multi-selectable list box.
Selected Specifies whether a particular list box item is selected.
ShowHint Specifies whether to display the component’s hint.
Sorted Specifies whether the component’s items are alphabetically sorted.
Style Specifies the style of the component.
TabOrder Specifies the component’s tab index.
TabStop Specifies whether the component can be selected by the Tab key.
TabWidth Specifies the width of tab characters in the component.
Top Specifies the vertical coordinate of the component’s top edge.
Visible Specifies whether the component is visible on screen.
Width Specifies the component’s width.

TcxListBox Methods

TcxListBox Methods TcxListBox Methods
Name Description
PropertyExists Checks whether the component has the property with the specified name.
SetFocus Moves the input focus to the component.

TcxListBox Events

TcxListBox Events TcxListBox Events
Name Description
OnClick Occurs when the component is clicked.
OnDblClick Occurs when the component is double-clicked.
OnEnter Occurs when the component receives the input focus.
OnExit Occurs when the component loses the input focus.
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