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Programming Reference

Developer Express XtraTreeList Properties

When testing Developer Express XtraTreeList controls, you can use specific properties of the corresponding test object as well as properties that TestComplete applies to all test and onscreen objects. All of these properties are listed below. The properties are organized into categories: Standard, Extended, RTTI, Debug Agent and others. For more information about this, see Categories of Object Methods and Properties.

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This category includes properties that TestComplete applies to all test objects.

Name Description
_NewEnum Returns an enumerator for the collection of children that belong to the object.
ChildCount Returns the number of child objects of the given object.
ControlId Specifies the control identifier of the window.
Enabled Specifies whether an object can accept user input or not.
Exists Tells you whether an object exists in the system.
Focused Specifies whether the control has input focus.
FullName Specifies the full name that uniquely identifies the object in TestComplete.
Handle Returns the control’s handle (HWND).
Height Specifies the height of the object in pixels.
Id Returns the object’s identifier.
Index Specifies the front-to-back position of the control among other controls that have the same class name and caption, and belong to the same parent window.
Left Specifies the horizontal position of the object’s left edge relative its parent window.
MappedName Returns the custom name that is mapped to the original object name and is used to address the object in scripts.
Name Returns the object name.
Parent Returns the parent object of the given object.
ScreenLeft Specifies the horizontal position of the object’s left edge in screen coordinates.
ScreenTop Specifies the vertical position of the object’s top edge in screen coordinates.
Top Specifies the vertical position of the object’s top edge relative to the object’s parent window.
Unicode Specifies whether the control is a native Unicode window.
Visible Specifies whether the object is visible to users.
VisibleOnScreen Specifies whether any part of the object is currently visible on screen.
Width Specifies the width of the object in pixels.
WndCaption Specifies the caption of a window object.
WndClass Returns the class name of a window object.
WndStyles Returns a value that is a combination of object style constants.
WndStylesEx Returns a combination of constants that specify an extended object style.

This category includes properties that are specific to the Developer Express XtraTreeList objects.

Name Description
HScroll Returns a ScrollBar object that provides a scripting interface to the control’s horizontal scroll bar.
PopupMenu Returns a Menu object that provides a scripting interface to the control’s context menu (the menu must be opened on screen first).
StripPopupMenu Returns a Menu object that provides a scripting interface to the context menu that is created using the Microsoft MenuStrip Class Library.
UltraPopupMenu Returns a Menu object that provides a scripting interface to the Infragistics context menu.
VScroll Returns a ScrollBar object that provides a scripting interface to the control’s vertical scroll bar.
wChildView Returns a child view for the specified row.
wColumn Returns the caption of the column specified by its index.
wColumnCount Returns the total number of tree list columns.
wRowCount Returns the number of tree list rows.
wValue Gets or sets the value in the specified cell.
XtraPopupMenu Returns a XtraPopupMenu object that provides a scripting interface for the context menu created with the Developer Express XtraBars Suite.

This category includes properties that TestComplete provides for .NET objects.

Name Description
ClrAppDomain Returns an AppDomain object corresponding to the application domain that contains the given object.
ClrClassName Returns the short class name of an object.
ClrFullClassName Returns the full class name (including the namespace) of an object.
VCLNETControlIndex Returns the object’s index in the collection of child objects of its parent object. Applies to VCL.NET objects only.
WinFormsControlName Specifies the name of an object as it is specified in the application code.
<Name Mapping>

These properties are available only if the test object has been mapped (see Name Mapping). You can use them in your tests, but they are not displayed in the Object Browser panel.

Name Description
NamedChild Returns a child object stored in the Name Mapping repository (by its index).
NamedChildCount Returns the number of child objects of an object stored in the Name Mapping repository.
NodeDescription Returns the description of an object stored in the Name Mapping repository.
Other Categories

If TestComplete has access to internal methods, properties and files of your tested application (that is, if it is an Open Application), you can call the internal methods and properties as methods and properties of the appropriate test objects. You can view these properties and methods in corresponding categories (Private, Public, RTTI, Debug Agent, Firefox, and so on). These methods and properties are not described in the TestComplete help file. For more information on them, please see the documentation for the development tools that was used to create the application under test.

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