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Visual Studio Extension Overview

The SmartBear Collaborator extension for Microsoft Visual Studio provides integration between Microsoft Visual Studio and Collaborator. It allows you to create and participate in Collaborator reviews directly from within the Visual Studio IDE.

Get Started

1. Download and install the extension (the extension uses a stand-alone installer).
2. Configure the extension to be able to connect to your Collaborator server.
If your project is in a source control, we also recommend that you configure SCM settings in the Collaborator GUI Client so that it can connect to your source control repository.
3. Select View > Other Windows > Collaborator from the main menu of Visual Studio to open the Collaborator View panel.

How the Integration Works

The extension adds a number of panels and settings to the Visual Studio. The "entry point" is the Collaborator view:


In this panel, you can view the reviews and invoke other panels and dialogs to perform all types of peer review tasks:

Get information about incoming and outgoing reviews on the specified Collaborator server.
Create reviews as an author.
Participate in someone else's reviews as a reviewer or observer.
Modify review details, add or remove review participants, annotate, reject or cancel your reviews, communicate with other participants.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2013. The Community, Professional and Enterprise editions are supported.
Collaborator Client on the computer, where you are going to installed the extension. The extension uses the Client to upload review materials to the server and to work with source controls.
Collaborator Client must be properly configured to work with your source control system. See GUI Client: SCM Configuration and Version Control Integration.
Collaborator Server 10.0 and later. To support e-signatures, Collaborator Server 10.1 is required.

Known Issues

Currently, the extension does not support files stored in a Perforce source control repository. You can add such files to reviews, but Collaborator will not detect changes in these files automatically.
Since the extension checks the Collaborator server periodically, it may take up to 2 minutes to retrieve information about newly created user from the server.

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