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Techniques & Best Practices

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Tips and Tricks

This section will describe workarounds and tricks we use for Collaborator.

Picking reviews through the Command-Line Client

When sending files to a review through the Command-Line Client, use "last" instead of the review ID to pick the last review or "ask" to be prompted with choices to pick.

Custom Fields with Date and Times

Collaborator does not have date or time custom fields, but you can closely approximate a date or time by using regular expression validation of single line text fields. For dates, the following regular expression requires a date in the 20th or 21st century that is approximately valid (yes, it accepts 31 days each month):


The following regular expression validates a time on a 24 hour clock:


The two could be combined to accept a date and time field. Be sure you set the description of the field to describe exactly the format you are looking for so that users do not have to parse the regular expression to know what to enter.

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