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Reworking Defects

When one of review participants has noticed some issues with your work and created defects, the review is returned back to you.

1. Log Into the Web User Interface

Start your favorite web browser and navigate to Collaborator Web Client URL. If asked, enter your user name and password in the login screen.

In the Action items list on the Home screen, you will see your review that was returned. It will have the "Rework defects" state. You will need to fix the defects found by other participants.


2. Open Defect Log of the Review Summary Screen

Click the review to open the Review Summary screen and scroll to the Defect Log section.


This section lists all found defects, their location and description. The Review Materials section also displays information about defects and comments, however groups it per files.

3. Get Information About a Particular Defect

Click the Location link in the Defect Log or in the Review Materials sections.

This will open the Diff Viewer and navigate to the defect.


Read descriptions of the defects and reviewer comments. Reply if needed.

To denote that you agree with the defect or comment, press "Mark Accepted". To indicate that you have read the comment or defect description, press "Mark Read".

When you have examined the current file, you can proceed to another file (if any). To view the next or previous files, you may use the File navigation buttons on the Diff Viewer toolbar:


To return back to Review Summary screen, click Back button on the Diff Viewer toolbar.

4. Upload The Reworked Files

Correct the defects on your computer and then upload the corrected version of the file(s) to the review.


The Status column in the Review Materials for the uploaded file will increase to indicate that the files was reworked.

5. Request To Verify Your Corrections

When you have uploaded the corrected versions for all files, press the Send to Inspection button in the Next Steps section. Other review participants will be notified that you have reworked the review materials and want them to verify your changes.

A review can go through multiple inspection and rework phases before it is completed.

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