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Can I highlight a range of lines in a file?

Currently there is no way to highlight a range of lines, although this is asked for frequently.

We are going to implement this feature, but there are some subtle UI considerations that are not immediately obvious. For example, say person A highlights lines 10-20. Then B wants to highlight lines 15-25. The UI must make those ranges and how to highlight those ranges clear. Then what if C wants to comment on just line 10, the edge of A's range? The conversation threads need to make sense, the highlighting needs to represent these cases clearly, and it has to be clear how to highlight one of those or make a new comment.

This is why it is not trivial, but we are working on it.

How can I delete files in a review?

Currently, files can be deleted from a review as long as there are no comments and/or defects associated. The New Review page has a link that removes uploaded changesets. One option is to cancel the review and start another. Also, note that you can optionally annotate uploaded files before the review is started. This step additionally allows the author a chance to verify the right files are in the review.

How does Collaborator calculate the lines of code (LOC) metrics?

Collaborator uses different LOC calculation methods for different file types. Also, these calculating methods can provide slightly different results for the review summary, diff viewer, review detail and recently completed reviews reports. Here are some basic concepts:

Collaborator calculates the LOC metrics only for text files that are in some source control repository. It does not calculate these metrics for the files that are outside of any source control. LOC metrics are not calculated for Word, Excel and PDF documents, as well as images and other binary files.
To determine LOC metrics for the text files that are in a source control, Collaborator uses differences between the base and current file versions.

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