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Action Items

Action Items are relevant, current things that you are included in. You can view your "Action Items" on your homepage by clicking the "Home" button on the top right of your screen:


You can select which action items are shown, by selecting the check-boxes for "Incoming", "Outgoing" and/or "Completed". When the "Incoming" check-box is active, you will view all reviews in which you are a reviewer or an observer. The "Outgoing" option will show all reviews in which you are the author. "Completed" will list recently completed reviews. You can also sort action items by clicking on the column labels, "Review", "Progress", "Author" or "My Role".


Your Action Item list is updated immediately if anything changes. You can refresh this screen manually; the home page refreshes automatically every five minutes.

When you have an Action Item directing you to commit files, you remove it by clicking the review link on the left. Collaborator uses these Action Items to track whether review materials have been submitted to version control. If Collaborator does not have enough information to determine that the materials are already versioned it will create a reminder for you when the review is completed.

For recently completed reviews the Action Items list displays the "Dismiss" link to confirm that the review has been finished and dismiss it from the list of your active reviews.

Action Items are also visible in other clients, but that is covered in the separate User Guides.

Progress values for action items:

Annotate Review


you have been invited by the author to annotate the review

Commit files


you need to commit your files to source control

Finish Creating


you need to finish creating the review

Fix Configuration


not review related - you need to finish filling out your user configuration information



you need to perform the review

Respond to Comments


you need to respond to comments in the review

Review cancelled


the review has been cancelled

Review completed


the review has been completed

Review rejected


the review has been rejected

Rework defects


you need to rework the defects in the review

Sign review


you need to sign the review

Waiting for annotation


you are waiting for others to annotate the review

Waiting for comments


you are waiting for others to make comments on the review

Waiting for defect rework


you are waiting for open defects in the review to be reworked

Waiting for other reviewers


you are waiting for others to complete the review

Waiting for signatures


you are waiting for others to sign the review

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