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Setup Panel

About Setup Panel

The Setup panel is your tool for defining what portions of code to profile, and when. See Controlling What to Profile. To display the Setup panel, do any of the following:

  • Select Setup from the View menu.

  • Select Setup from the Select Panel dialog, which is called by selecting View | Select Panel.

  • Select Setup from the Assistant panel.

  • Select Setup from the Select Panel dialog, which is called by selecting AQtime | Panel List.

  • Select Setup from Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer.

  • Select Setup from the Assistant panel.

  • Double-click the needed AQtime project in Embarcadero RAD Studio’s Project Manager.

  • Select Setup from the Assistant panel.

The panel includes several smaller panes. Here is a sample:

Setup Panel

Click the image to enlarge it.

Information on the Panel

For more information on … See these topics …
Modules pane Modules Pane
Code to Profile pane Code to Profile Pane
Classes to Profile pane Classes to Profile Pane
Collect Stack Information pane Collect Stack Information Pane
Triggers and Actions pane Triggers and Actions Pane
Panel’s options Setup Panel Options
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