Applies to TM4J Server/Data Center 7.1, last modified on September 24, 2020

Test Management for Jira supports flexible workflows to foster collaboration between teams using traditional or agile development methodologies. Due to its flexible nature, there are many ways to manage your testing efforts with Test Management for Jira, so the following sections cover best practices. However, best practices are simply guidelines, and your testing processes and needs should dictate which of the suggested practices you adopt.

A brief summary of the common usage scenarios:

  • Agile development: Ad-hoc/lightweight approach for small teams using acceptance tests

  • Waterfall development with test cycles: Structured testing that takes place when it’s required to plan the test-execution cycles and assignments in advance (for structured regression testing)

  • Waterfall development with test plans: Structured testing with formal test planning. Instead of using Microsoft Word or Excel to specify traditional test-plan documents, you can create and customize test plans with Test Management for Jira to address any planning topics, such as scope, strategy, resources, environments, risks, and more.

Workflow strategies
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