Applies to TM4J Cloud, last modified on April 20, 2020.

This topic explains the basics of Test Management for Jira navigation.

Access Test Management for Jira

  • Click Tests on the Jira menu to access Test Management for Jira.

  • Test Management for Jira opens to the default project.

Select a Project

You can switch projects using the project selector.

Customise the Grid View

Whether you’re working with test cases, test cycles, or test plans, the grid view offers a functional visual experience via the flexibility to personalize display options. By consolidating only the information you need, a customised grid view helps you be more productive and efficient.

The grid view allows you to sort the columns (ascending or descending)

show and hide columns (including custom fields)

reorder columns (by dragging and dropping)

When you customize the grid view, changes persist and are associated with the logged-in user.

Restrictions of the Grid View

  • Rich-text fields are not supported.
  • Column widths cannot be adjusted.
  • Some columns cannot be sorted.

Highlight search results