Applies to TestLeft 2.42, last modified on December 11, 2017
  1. To create and run TestLeft tests, you must have one of the following versions of Microsoft Visual Studio installed:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 - 2017 (Community, Professional or Enterprise)

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Professional, Premium or Ultimate)

    You create TestLeft tests only in the Visual Studio IDE.

  2. Install TestLeft on your computer. To learn how to install TestLeft, see Installing TestLeft.

  3. In Visual Studio, open the TestLeft UI Spy panel.

    UI Spy is shipped with TestLeft. You use it to explore the hierarchy of tested application objects and generate code for your tests.

    To open the panel, select View | TestLeft UI Spy from Visual Studio’s main menu.

    If needed, drag and dock the panel in the Visual Studio IDE as you find convenient.

  4. Run the Notepad application. This application is included in all the supported versions of the Windows operating system.

    We will use the application to demonstrate how to create tests.

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