Applies to TestLeft 4.71, last modified on November 19, 2020

In TestLeft 4.50, we have fixed the following bugs reported by our customers:


  • Fixed: TestLeft could not be installed if the installer was located in the drive root folder.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly on computers with the McAfee antivirus installed.

  • Fixed: Errors could occur when TestLeft was closed.

Desktop application testing

  • Fixed: An incorrect error message was displayed if an MFC application with StingrayObjectiveGrid controls was missing debug information.

Web testing

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not recognize objects in applications created with EO.WebBrowser if the eowp.exe file was renamed or if the EO assemblies were in GAC.

BDD testing

  • Fixed: BDD step definitions could not be found if they were in different files.

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