Bug Fixes in TestLeft 4.40

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft 4.40, we have fixed the following bugs reported by our customers:


  • When running tests on Azure DevOps agents, TestLeft could cause the cstest.console.exe process to stop responding.

  • Fixed: If a modal window appeared on the screen while a user was interacting with the TestLeft UI Spy, the UI Spy could overlap the modal window making the window inaccessible.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly when a user was exploring object properties via the TestLeft UI Spy.

  • Fixed: If the HASP service was configured to use a non-default port, TestLeft could not start.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly during the test run.

Desktop application testing

  • Fixed: When running a tested application from a test by using the RunAs method, the method posted an unexpected error message to the test log.

  • Fixed: During the test run, a tested Delphi application could exit unexpectedly when a test was modifying the tested application's object string properties.

  • Fixed: When exploring a JavaFX application, the jp2launcher process was missing from the TestLeft UI Spy.

Web testing

  • Fixed: In Chrome, when simulating user actions, TestLeft could scroll the web page incorrectly.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could stop responding when getting the VisibleOnScreen property of an object in Chrome.

  • Fixed: In Edge, the ClickItem method did not scroll the combo box items to the target item and simulated the click incorrectly.

  • Fixed: A CEF application could exit unexpectedly when being launched from TestLeft.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could fail to test some CEF applications.

  • Fixed: A tested CEF application could throw an error or exit unexpectedly when being run from TestLeft.

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