Bug Fixes in TestLeft 4.0

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft 2.70, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Fixed: Upon launching TestLeft on Windows 10, the "An app default was reset" error could occur.

  • Fixed: It could take much time for TestLeft to start on a computer that did not have access to the SmartBear statistics server.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestComplete Service used by TestLeft could fail to start after a system reboot.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly right after the launch.

  • Fixed: The licensing subsystem could incorrectly identify a physical machine running under Windows 10 as a virtual machine.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly right after the start because of the licensing subsystem issues.

  • Fixed: During the test run, the Edge web browser could start unexpectedly.

  • Fixed: Performance issues when getting tested objects during the test run on Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could unexpectedly report the "The RPC server is unavailable" error during the test run.

  • Fixed: Graphic artifacts on the screen after the test run.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: In grids in Delphi applications, TestLeft could not access values in columns of the FMTBCD type.

  • Fixed: A 64-bit Delphi application could exit unexpectedly upon exposing its internal objects in TestLeft UI Spy.

  • Fixed: Performance issues if UI Automation was used to access internal objects of a tested application.

  • Fixed: A tested Visual Basic application could stop responding if it was launched from a test.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: TestLeft UI Spy could not identify polymer controls in CEF applications and web applications running in Chrome.

  • Fixed: Performance issues when getting the value of the contentText property of web objects in Chrome.

  • Fixed: When running tests in Chrome, TestLeft could fail to simulate user actions on supported Telerik ASP.NET controls or to get their properties if those controls resided in a frame.

  • Fixed: If there were several tabs opened in Chrome, TestLeft could highlight objects in tabs other than the first tab incorrectly.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could fail to recognize objects in a web application running in Chrome if zoom styling or zoom transformation was used in the application.

  • Fixed: A tested CEF application launched by TestLeft could stop responding.

  • Fixed: TestLeft was not able to access objects in a web browser instance launched from a tested Electron application.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could report an unexpected error when evaluating XPath of a web element in Edge.

  • Fixed: If a tested web page had the overflow property set to visible, TestLeft UI Spy could not highlight elements rendered outside the page, and TestLeft could not simulate user actions on them properly and scrolled the page unexpectedly.

  • Fixed: Performance issues when exploring a tested web page with multiple dynamic elements by using TestLeft UI Spy.

  • Fixed: When simulating a click on a combo box item on a web page in Internet Explorer, if the combo box was not visible on the page, TestLeft failed to scroll the page to make the combo box visible.

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