Bug Fixes in TestLeft 2.60

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft 2.60, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Fixed: If the Save Authentication Info option was enabled in the Connect to the Host dialog of TestLeft UI Spy, the authentication info was not actually saved, and UI Spy could exit unexpectedly upon starting.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could stop responding, and then could exit unexpectedly during the test run.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestLeft did not start or could exit unexpectedly upon starting.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, the test log reported a non-zero number of errors, despite it contained no error messages and the test was marked as passed.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could stop responding if SentinelOne software was running in the system.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestLeft could not access a popup menu in the tested application.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestLeft estimated the size of a tested control incorrectly and failed to simulate user actions on it.

  • Fixed: TestLeft failed to simulate a ClickItem method on a Win32 ComboBox control.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not access grid cells of the FmtBcd (binary coded decimal) type in Delphi applications.

  • Fixed: After simulating a user action on a control in a Java application, TestLeft could try to get that control again.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: Unexpected errors could occur when accessing Telerik controls in a web application.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not recognize the Alert, Confirm, and Prompt dialogs in Chrome version 68.

  • Fixed: TestLeft failed to highlight objects in the Chrome web browser correctly if the display DPI scale was set to a value other than 100%.

  • Fixed: The error "The window was destroyed during the method execution" occurred when running tests in Google Chrome.

  • Fixed: When running tests in Chrome, TestLeft did not scroll a web page to the tested web element.

  • Fixed: When inspecting SVG objects in Edge with TestLeft, Edge could exit unexpectedly.

  • Fixed: Both TestLeft and Internet Explorer could stop responding, and then could exit unexpectedly when getting objects in Internet Explorer by using the EvaluateXPath method.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestLeft could not access a web element in Edge and Internet Explorer if the element's name was the same as the name of one of the properties of the XML DOM element object.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly when running web tests in Firefox.

  • Sometimes, the WebBrowser.WebPage.Close method threw an error, though the page had been closed successfully.

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