Bug Fixes in TestLeft 2.50

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft 2.50, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly when showing its test indicator on a computer with several monitors with different DPI settings.

  • Fixed: TestLeft UI Spy could fail to highlight tested objects on screen.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly upon restarting after text execution.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could crash during a test run.

  • Fixed: During a test run, TestLeft could crash with a stack overflow error.

Desktop Application Testing

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not properly recognize TdxBarButton controls in VCL applications.

  • Fixed: The ClassName property of VCL objects in Delphi applications returned an empty value.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, TestLeft could not access items of the DevExpress Ribbon control in Windows Forms applications.

  • Fixed: During a test run, TestLeft could freeze if the tested application used a Java version that TestLeft did not support.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not access extended properties of objects in 64-bit Delphi XE5 applications.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could exit unexpectedly when testing APEX forms.

  • Fixed: During a test run, the tested .NET application could exit unexpectedly if AppDomain objects were created and destroyed inside it.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not simulate clicks on the WPF Menu control.

  • Fixed: A tested CEF application could crash if it was launched by using the ApplicationManager.Run method.

  • Fixed: It could take up to several seconds to simulate the Keys action in the PowerShell window.

  • Fixed: When testing DevExpress ComboBox controls in VCL applications, the test engine could report the "Application was compiled incorrectly" error.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: In web applications running in Internet Explorer and Chrome, TestLeft was unable to detect child objects of the Frame object.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could not recognize controls in popup dialogs in Chrome.

  • Fixed: TestLeft could recognize objects on a web page opened in Firefox only if their position was set to "static".

  • Fixed: Memory usage issues could occur when testing Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

  • Fixed: When TestLeft interacted with a web page opened in Internet Explorer with the Document mode option set to 7, errors could occur in the script running on the page.

  • Fixed: The IWebObject.FindChildByXPath method failed to find the needed objects on web pages opened in Internet Explorer.

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