Features Added to TestLeft 4.20

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This topic describes the changes made to TestLeft 4.20. For information about the changes in other TestLeft versions, see TestLeft Version History.

New Supported Versions and Controls

  • Support for Windows Server 2019. Now, you can create and run your tests on computers running on Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

  • Support for the recent versions of web browsers:

    • Mozilla Firefox 68 and 69.

    • Google Chrome 77.

  • Extended support for Electron applications:

    • Support for Electron 6. You can now use TestLeft to create and run automated tests for Electron-based applications created with Electron version 6.0.0.

    • If your electron-based application uses JavaScript libraries like jQuery, RequireJS, Meteor, AngularJS, Highcharts, and others, you may encounter errors when launching the application for testing. To avoid the errors, launch your tested Electron application with the -tearOffNodeObjects command-line argument passed as a parameter in the Run method.

  • Extended CEF support:

    • Support for CEF3 75.0.3773. You can now create and run tests against desktop applications using this and earlier versions of the Chromium Embedded Framework control.

    • TestLeft 4.20 supports the CEF applications (can recognize internal objects in them) the previous versions couldn't work with. For example, these are application that don’t implement a load handler or life span handlers, and applications with the command-line configuration disabled.

  • Your tests can now work with the following versions of the DevExpress, Infragistics, Syncfusion, and Telerik controls:

    • Developer Express controls 19.1.3 (2019.1.3) for Windows Forms
    • Developer Express controls 19.1.2 (2019.1.2) for VCL
    • Infragistics controls 2019 Vol.1 for Windows Forms
    • Syncfusion Essential Studio 17.1 (2019.1)
    • Telerik controls 2019.2 (R2 2019) for Windows Forms


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