Features Added to TestLeft 2.3

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This topic describes the changes made to TestLeft 2.3. For information about changes in other versions of TestLeft, see TestLeft Version History.

Visual Studio 2017 Support

You can create TestLeft tests in Visual Studio 2017 and test applications created in this Visual Studio version.

High DPI Support

When users change DPI settings on their machines, the operating system changes the size of windows, controls and fonts. This may cause your tests running against a non-DPI-aware application to fail. When calculating coordinates for user actions, TestLeft version 2.3 takes into account the DPI setting calculates the coordinates correctly. This works on all the supported operating systems, including Windows 10, for both desktop and web applications.

Web Testing Improvements

  • Support for custom zoom and DPI values. Earlier versions of the product required using 100% zoom scale for web pages. Otherwise, TestLeft could detect the size and coordinates of web elements incorrectly. In version 2.3, this requirement has gone. Regardless of the reason of the scale change – a new DPI value or page zooming – TestLeft can detect the control’s size and coordinates correctly.

  • Improved web testing performance in supported browsers, including Edge.

  • Support for the most recent browser versions: Chrome 57 and Firefox 52.

Overall Improvements

  • You can configure TestLeft to recognize template-generated elements in WPF controls and include them in the object hierarchy. In addition, you can configure TestLeft to omit non-interactive containers in the object hierarchy in WPF applications.

  • It is now possible to pass native application objects as parameters to native methods called via CallMethod.

  • TestLeft 2.3 supports more Developer Express control classes. It provides special methods and properties that simplify simulation of user actions on these controls.

    Class names

  • TestLeft 2.3 recognizes JavaFX controls in Swing applications. You can record and play back user actions over JavaFX controls in Swing applications and access their properties and methods.

    Also, the TestLeft options include a new category that lets you specify JavaFX object types that TestLeft will include to the object hiearchy in UI Spy.

  • You can create and run tests for applications created with both Update 1 and 2 of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.

  • Support for the recent version of Telerik controls for Windows Forms - 2017.1 (R1 2017).

  • A number of bugs reported by our customers have been fixed.

Discontinued Support

We have discontinued support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (not R2) in TestLeft 2.3, because Microsoft stopped supporting these operating systems in April 2017. We no longer test TestLeft on these operating systems, and we will not create patches for them either. TestLeft may still work on these systems, but we do not guarantee this. We recommend upgrading to later Windows versions.

Windows Server 2008 R2 is supported by TestLeft 2.3.

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