Features Added to TestLeft 15.20

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This topic describes the changes made to TestLeft 15.20. For information about the changes in other TestLeft versions, see TestLeft Version History.

  • New CEF support. Starting from this version of TestLeft, you can use a new approach for testing CEF applications — by using the Chrome DevTools Protocol. This approach eliminates the limitations of the existing script-injection-based approach.

    The new approach is available for CEF version 88. We do not guarantee that tests created for later versions of CEF will work correctly.

    Note: The script-injection-based approach is still available, all your existing tests will remain valid. However, we’d recommend that you use the new approach for testing.

    To migrate your existing tests to the new approach, all you need to do is to modify the way your tested CEF application starts. See Exposing CEF Applications.

  • Now, TestLeft recognizes page dialogs like alerts, confirmations, prompts, and open file dialogs in Electron and CEF applications correctly.

  • You can test web applications running in Firefox even with the Site Isolation security enabled out-of-the-box. You no longer need to disable Site Isolation manually before creating and running tests.

  • Support for the latest browser versions. You can create and run automated web tests on the following browsers:

    • Chrome 96
    • Edge Chromium 96
    • Firefox 95

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