Features Added to TestLeft 15.0

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This topic describes the changes made to TestLeft 15.0. For information about the changes in other TestLeft versions, see TestLeft Version History.

General improvements

  • The TestLeft version now is 15.0. (the previous one was 4.93). We've changed the version order to make TestComplete and TestLeft versions consistent. Now, both of them are 15.0.

Web testing improvements

  • Seamless installation of the SmartBear Test extension in Edge. Similarly to installing the SmartBear Test Extension for Chrome, installing the extension for Edge Chromium is also seamless now. You no longer need to exit Edge during TestLeft (or TestComplete) installation to install or update the extension for this browser and you no longer need to enable the extension in this browser manually.

    Note: If you have any pages open in Edge Chromium before installing the extension, you may need to reload them for the test engine to be able to access them.

  • Support for the latest versions of web browsers:

    • Chrome 94
    • Edge Chromium 94
    • Firefox 93

Other improvements

  • As before, the TestLeft installation package doesn't include the help file. You can use the online version of the documentation only.

    However, the approach to work with the TestExecute for TestLeft documentation was changed. By default, the installation package no longer includes the help file. TestExecute for TestLeft uses the online version of the documentation instead — whenever you press F1 in some panel or click “Help”, TestExecute for TestLeft opens pages of its online documentation on our website. The new approach will help you always get up-to-date documentation relevant to your current product version. If you don’t have stable network access to our online documentation or don’t want to use it for some reason, you can download and install the tool documentation:


    If you have documentation installed locally, TestExecute for TestLeft will use it.

  • We have fixed several issues reported by our customers.

Licensing new version

Users who have an active Maintenance subscription will get TestLeft 15 for free.

To activate the new version, you can use your TestLeft 4.93 license key. You can install version 15 side-by-side with version 4.93 on the same machine. In this case, no activation actions are needed.

Note: Each of these products will consume the license. If you have a Fixed User license, you can run only one of these versions.

Discontinued Support

We have discontinued support for Windows 8. We no longer test TestLeft on this operating system and we will not create patches for it. We recommend that you upgrade to a later Windows version, for example, Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2.

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