Running Tests in Parallel - Exit Codes

Applies to TestExecute 14.72, last modified on January 12, 2021

When running cross-platform web tests in parallel, you can get the following exit codes that report on the results of the test run:

Note: To learn exit codes returned by TestExecute when running sequential tests, see TestExecute - Exit Codes.

Exit Code Description
0 The test did not produce errors or warnings.
1 The test results include warnings but no errors.
2 The test results include errors.
3 The test cannot be run because of an error. Some typical errors are:
  • The project (or project suite) path is specified incorrectly.

  • The specified project (or project suite) cannot be opened because the current user does not have appropriate permissions for this.

  • There are no selected test items to be run.

  • A test item refers to an unavailable test (for example, a keyword test or script routine that does not exist).

  • A test item is disabled or does not exist (for example, it could be deleted or renamed).

  • A project item file does not exist (for example, it could have been deleted, renamed, or moved to another folder).

  • The script contains a syntax error.

  • The file the /ExportLog argument specifies already exists.

The test engine also returns the code 3, if you run a project or project suite and the test was stopped with a call to the Runner.Stop method within the OnStartTest event handler. In this case, the test engine considers the test was unable to start.

4 The test run was stopped by the timeout specified with the /Timeout command-line argument.
127 Unable to start the executable because some executable files are missing or the installation is damaged.
1001 Unable to start the executable, because there is not enough free disk space.
10000 Unable to start the executable because all the product instances allowed by your license key are already running.
-1 Unable to launch the executable because the license check has failed and it cannot obtain a license. You can find information on licensing in Licensing TestExecute.

Note: Inspect the Error.log file to get more information on the possible reasons of the license check failure. For more information on these files, see the description of the /ErrorLog command-line argument.

To resolve licensing problems, please use the Licensing Troubleshooter on our web site:

Licensing Troubleshooter

The exit codes depend on whether the TestComplete project is configured to rerun failed tests. See the Exit codes for rerun tests section of the TestComplete documentation on our website.

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