Running BDD Tests in Device Cloud

Applies to TestExecute 14.74, last modified on March 01, 2021


CucumberStudio (formerly known as HipTest) is a testing cloud platform by SmartBear for software development teams. CucumberStudio includes a Gherkin editor for creating BDD scenarios. You can integrate your TestComplete projects with your CucumberStudio projects to automate your BDD scenarios and run them as part of your development and testing workflow. For detailed information on TestComplete integration with CucumberStudio, see the TestComplete documentation.

If TestComplete projects that contain your cross-platform web tests are bound to CucumberStudio projects, to run them to run them in your device cloud, you have to provide your CucumberStudio credentials.

You do it on your test workstation (computer from which your cross-platform web tests will connect to your device cloud) in one of the following ways:

Via Windows Credentials Manager

  1. Open the Control Panel. The way you do this depends on your Windows version.

  2. In the Control Panel, find and open the Credential Manager.

  3. In the manager window, select Windows Credentials.

  4. Click Add a generic credential.

  5. In the Internet or network address text box, enter HipTest.

  6. In the User name and Password text boxes, enter your CucumberStudio account and password.

  7. Click OK.

Via command line

Launch the Windows command prompt and execute the following command:

cmdkey.exe /add:HipTest /user:<username> /pass:<password>

where username and password is your CucumberStudio account and password.

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