Global Shortcuts Dialog

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

The Global Shortcuts dialog sets keyboard shortcuts that you can use to run or stop a TestComplete project suite in TestExecute, so that you could command TestExecute without moving the focus from the tested application.

To call the Global Shortcuts dialog, right-click the TestExecute icon () in the notification area (tray), select Options from the ensuing context menu and then select General | Global Shortcuts from the tree displayed on the left side of the resulting Options dialog.

These inter-application shortcuts are perforce system global. They operate in all applications (pre-empting existing shortcuts).

You can change the following shortcuts (to enter a shortcut, click the corresponding option in the Shortcut column and then press the key combination you want to use as a new shortcut for the given option) --

  • Run - Begins execution of the TestComplete project suite that is opened in TestExecute. Default, Shift-F3.
  • Select object - This shortcut is used to fix the selection when you are choosing objects on screen in the “Point and fix” selection mode. Default, Shift-Ctrl-A.

  • Stop - Stops execution of the TestComplete project suite. Default, Shift-F2. This shortcut stops running in both TestExecute and in a Connected or Self-Testing Application.

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