Message - TestExecute found unsaved content in the file...

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

TestExecute shows this message when it is opening a project or project suite and finds unsaved changes in a project item, or in the project or project suite.

The typical reason for this is that you do not save changes in your test project before you shut down or log off the operating system. If this happens, TestExecute and TestComplete do not prevent the user session from closing; they save the current contents of the project and project item editors to temporary files and then “report” to the operating system that they are ready for closing. If TestExecute finds one or more such files the next time you open your test project (or project suite), it displays this message to inform you about the situation.

To load the project item, project, or project suite specified in the message from the temporary file, click Yes in the message box. To load all “unsaved” items from temporary files, click Yes to All.

To load the project item, project or project suite from their “regular” files, click No. To use “regular” files for all the items, click No to All.

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