Renewing Licenses

Applies to TestExecute 15.0, last modified on October 22, 2021

Topics in this section describe situations when you need to renew your TestExecute licenses:

When You Need to Renew a License

Describes the situations when you need to renew your TestExecute license.

Updating the TestExecute Trial Version to the Commercial Version

Explains how to update a trial TestExecute license after purchasing the product.

Renewing Licenses on License Upgrade

Explains how to upgrade your license to support more TestExecute instances that can run concurrently.

Renewing License on Hardware Changes

Describes what hardware changes will require a license renew.

Updating License After Re-Installing or Upgrading the Operating System

Explains what changes to the operating system will require a license update.

Renew Expired License

Explains how to renew an expired license.

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