Modifying TestExecute Installation

Applies to TestExecute 14.91, last modified on July 1, 2021

You can install and uninstall specific TestExecute features at any time. Before you start modifying the TestExecute installation, ensure that your user account has administrator permissions.

To modify the TestExecute installation:

  1. Close TestExecute and all other applications that TestExecute supports or integrates with, such as your tested application, web browsers or Microsoft Visual Studio.

  2. Open the Control Panel | Programs and Features applet.

  3. Locate SmartBear TestExecute 14 in the list and click Change. The TestExecute installation wizard opens.

  4. In the Welcome screen, select Modify and click Next to proceed.

  5. In the Select Features screen, review the currently installed TestExecute features. Select the features you wish to add and clear those you want to remove. Click Next to proceed.

  6. Wait until the installation modification procedure completes and click Finish in the Modify Complete screen.

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