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Reactivating TestEngine License

Applies to TestEngine 1.25, last modified on October 08, 2021

Sometimes, your TestEngine server may lose a fixed license. This may happen due to several reasons, for example:

  • The license was used by another TestEngine instance.

  • TestEngine was not connected to the Internet for a long time.

If a TestEngine instance loses its license, it will complete the currently running jobs, but it will not accept new jobs, nor will it allow non-admin users to log in or to use the API. In this case, the admin of the TestEngine server will have to reactivate the license by using the Web UI or API.

Using Web UI

  • Open the TestEngine web interface and log in as an administrator:


    For example, if TestEngine is installed on your local machine, and you run it on the default port, use the following link:

  • TestEngine will open the Manage License page. Click Reclaim License:

    Reactivating license in Web UI: The Server panel

    Click the image to enlarge it.

Using API

Use the following operation:

POST  http://<testengine-host>:8080/api/v1/license/reclaim


The request must be authenticated by a TestEngine administrator.

Use the following command line:

curl -u "admin:password" -X POST "http://localhost:8080/api/v1/license/reclaim"

In this example:

-u admin:password

Authenticates the request by using the admin’s credentials.


Specifies the POST method.


The endpoint of the request.

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