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Your Product Trial Checklist

1. Envision Your Future


Welcome to TestComplete

Thank you for downloading a trial of TestComplete - our powerful and easy-to-use automated testing tool.

At SmartBear, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully evaluate your trial. Below, you will find resources that will help you hit the ground running and immediately experience the benefits of TestComplete.

Have questions along the way? Reach out to one of our engineers!

2. Key Features in TestComplete

Data-Driven Testing

Speed up your testing efforts by pulling in data from external sources, repeat it in your test cases, and record the success of each permutation - all without recording or scripting another test.


Object Identification

Powered by a robust object identification engine, TestComplete is able to identify more than 500 control types and covers all the major development frameworks and third-party control sets. Accurately identifying controls is the key to creating reliable automated tests and will help speed up your release cycle.

3. On-Demand Cloud Test Lab

Environment Manager

Run tests in parallel across more than 500 browsers and resolutions - all without set up or configuration. TestComplete comes with built-in access to real test environments in the cloud, so you can test more cases quicker and reduce your time spent on patching, fixing and maintaining hardware.


Increase Test Coverage

Drill down into problem areas by running remote tests on live desktop browsers or get detialed metrics to help you debug issues in greater detail and ensure proper test coverage. With the ability to record the entire UI test from start to finish, or compare screen shots and logs, you'll be able to pointpoint problem areas and fix bugs faster.

4. Codeless Advanced Testing

Reusing Keyword Tests

Instead of recording a new test from scratch, simply drag and drop elements from previous tests, use pre-built conditional statements, or call keyword tests from within other tests, saving you time and making it easy to keep your tests up to date.


No Need to Write Custom Code

Want to do advanced testing without spending time writing custom code? No problem! With TestComplete, you can set up complex test scenarios using simple point-and-click actions, helping you avoid the hassle of constantly building and fixing scripts.