Default Project Properties - General Open Applications Options

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The settings of the General Open Applications Options group for default project properties let you specify settings that will be applied to new TestComplete projects. To view or change these default settings, select Tools | Default Project Properties from the main menu of TestComplete and then choose Project | Open Applications | General from the tree on the left of the ensuing Default Project Properties dialog.

You can change the following options --

  • Priority of objects - Specifies the order in which TestComplete searches for the most appropriate object it will use to name objects, access their fields and properties, and call their methods. To change the order of object types in the option’s list, you can move items up or down in the list. To do this, select the needed item and click Move Up or Move Down.
  • Use native object names for TestComplete object names - Specifies the model that TestComplete uses to address objects of .NET, Java, Qt and WPF Open Applications. If the setting is True, TestComplete will use the name defined in the application code. If the setting is False, TestComplete uses the class name, caption (or accessible name) and index. For more information on this, see topics of the Addressing Objects of Open Applications section.
  • Method invoke timeout - Specifies the waiting time, which TestComplete uses to call methods and properties of objects that reside in Open Applications. See Calling Methods and Properties of Open Application’ Objects.

The option values will be assigned to the appropriate options of a new project when it is created. You can then modify them in the Properties page of your project editor (see Project Properties - Open Applications Options).

To save the changes you made to options and close the dialog, press OK. Cancel will close the dialog discarding any changes.

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